Solidarity Event Set for July 6, 2024

This years Solidarity Event will be located at the YC Social Club at 567 Aero Drive Northeast from 900 am to 1730 pm. The morning portion will have the Stampede Breakfast, pancakes, sauage and eggs. While in the afternoon will carry hotdogs and hambergers.

There will be a bouncy castle for the kids and a ball diamond for those who like to bring a ball and glove to have fun with. Come one come all members to meet everyone from AGI, Swissport, Unifi, and Samsic. We are 1100 strong and will build for a better future together.

Our Sisters and Brothers are working hard sitting up the event for the hard work everyone has done durign the year supporting their branch

Special thanks to Sonja, Shaneen, Erin, Jackson, Gurmanraj, Isabella, Baraa, Darian and Mario for all the help you have done for this event.

The Local 2734 Eboard