IAMAW Local Lodge 2734

New Year Message – 2024

New Year message to the members of IAMAW Local Lodge 2734:

Dear Members of IAMAW Local Lodge 2734,

As we step into the New Year, it is time to reflect on our collective journey and reinforce the bonds of solidarity that make our union strong. This past year has seen us face challenges head-on, and our commitment to each other has never been more evident.

In the spirit of unity and growth, we must focus on the vital negotiations ahead. Two key contracts are currently at the negotiation table, with the most substantial one approaching its renewal in August 2024. The outcomes of these negotiations are foundational to our collective well-being and the advancement of our work environment.

Our union is poised for growth, and we have robust plans to support and empower our membership. However, the success of these plans relies on the active participation of each one of you. Every third Tuesday of the month, It is essential for all members to be present at our monthly meetings. These gatherings are a platform for us to bring forth motions, deliberate on them, and make decisions that impact us all. Your voice and vote are crucial in shaping the future of our Local Lodge and our union.

Let us all make a renewed pledge to show up, stand united, and contribute to our discussions and decisions. Together, we will build a stronger union, not just for the present but for the generations of Machinists to come.

Here’s to a year of solidarity, strength, and success.

In Unity,

Francis Odgers
IAMAW Local Lodge 2734