Bill C-330: NDP Mr. Boulerice Answers to Local 2734

Hello Francis,

We apologize for the delay in getting back to you. Our team is doing its best to reply as quickly as possible, given the number of e-mails we receive.

Thank you for sharing your concerns about this issue with us. Workers’ rights are at the heart of our concerns, and we share your worries about contract rollovers in the airport industry. This is an anomaly in the Canada Labour Code. It shows a lack of respect for the hard work of Canadian airport workers. It is unacceptable!

Thank you also for offering your support to your colleagues at the Montreal airport. You can be sure we’ll be spreading the word at our next meetings.

Justin Trudeau’s government is not prioritizing this issue and is acting as slowly as usual. Rest assured that the NDP will continue to stand up for workers.

That’s why Mr. Boulerice has tabled a bill in the House of Commons to force the Liberal government to act. This bill, C-330 An Act to amend the Canada Labour Code, has a simple objective: to close this loophole in the Canada Labour Code.  Airport employers will have to respect union certifications and recognize the collective agreement employees enjoyed with the previous supplier.  A simple but effective bill that will help hundreds of workers across the country. C-330 aims to close this loophole, and has prevented situations such as those described by one of the 600 workers at the press conference when the bill was tabled, who was expecting to lose his job soon and, with the future subcontractor, have to accept a wage cut of “$5 or $6 an hour and no benefits”. We continue to put pressure on the Liberal government to ensure that such situations never happen again.

In the same spirit, we invite you to sign this petition to protect workers’ right to strike. Unfortunately, some employers use replacement workers when their employees go on strike. This destroys their bargaining power with employers.

Rest assured that we are pushing the Liberal government to implement this legislation. We thank you for your support and solidarity, together we have the power to make the government change its position. 

Best regards,

François RacicotStagiaire/Intern

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